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Trains to London

Getting to London from anywhere in UK is very simple and convenient with the train system operating. There are 28 train operators in the UK all working under one umbrella of the rail network. You can easily go to websites online and book your ticket from any city to London. All you need to do is pick your destination station and you are ready to go. London is the Center of business activities in UK and there are dozens of operators and trains going in and out of it daily.

Chiltren Railways is one of the rail networks which operates from Birmingham and goes through various small cities and ends its journey in London. The one way ticket charged by Chiltren from London 25 for the flexible ticket, whereas if you book in advance it is only going to cost you 6!

There are 3 basic Long distance fares; fully flexible, Off-peak fully flexible and Advance. Fully flexible are valid any day, any time, any train operator and any place. If you are travelling from Manchester to London on a regular basis then you can purchase a return ticket of 279. Normally Fully flexible tickets are valid for a month. Off-Peak fully flexible are somewhat similar to the fully flexible fare; the only difference is that you cannot travel during the Monday-Friday Business peak hours. The peak hours are normally in the morning and evening. These are slightly less expensive and the ticket cost from Manchester to London would be around 70. Lastly in advance fares, you have to make bookings in advance. This is the cheapest way to travel but the least flexible. You cannot get on any train operator nor can you alter your path. All of that has to be decided in advance. The train fair for advance booking from Manchester to London is 11.50; whereas if you are travelling from Birmingham to London it would cost you only 6.

In the first two cases you hop on to the train any time and any place you want but that is not possible with the last option. It doesn't matter what train operator you travel with, if you book in advance the cost of the ticket would be extremely low and affordable but if you don't then it would cost you a good chunk of money.

Apart from Chiltren Railways if you want to travel from north east of UK to London then the best option would be East Cost railway. It starts from Edinburgh Scotland and goes around to other big cities such as Newcastle, York and Leeds all the way to London. The standard ticket cost for travelling from Edinburgh to London is 16.50.

Cross country trains is another very famous train operator which brings visitors from all over UK. It starts the journey from up top Glasgow and moves on to Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham and down to London. Normally the tickets for train coming from Scotland are expensive and such is the case with ScotRail. It charges around 140 for a one way ticket from Glasgow to London even if you book in advance.