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thetrainline is an independent train ticket provider in the United Kingdom and provides tickets for all mainland UK rail companies. Fares are applicable to your chosen journey and vary in price range. Travelers are able to find the most economical tickets to fit their budget or the best timed tickets to fit their travel plans.

Tickets can be searched through Best Fare Finder. Tickets can be booked in advance and in most cases up until 6 PM the day before travel. Tickets purchased in advance are typically discounted, but can only be used on the train originally booked. Advance tickets are nonrefundable and are subject to a 10 per ticket fee if amendments are requested.

Off peak tickets are available for reservation at any time, prior to travel and can only be used on the specified off peak trains. The traveler also has the option to reserve a seat when making reservations. Off peak tickets are subject to refunds.

Anytime tickets can be purchased at any time prior to travel. They are the tickets with the most flexibility, but are also the most expensive and come with the option to reserve a seat.

When checking online for train tickets, the ticket finder will only show the tickets that are available according to the search criteria.

Tickets purchased online are subject to delivery according to how far in advance tickets are book and your post code. Tickets with ample delivery time will be sent to the traveler via postal mail. If there is no time for postal delivery, tickets will be available for pickup at any self service ticket machine located at most rail stations or selected locations. Tickets are typically ready approximately 2 hours after booking.

thetrainline also offers the print at home option for travelers who would rather have a ticket in hand without waiting for postal delivery. When purchasing tickets online, it will be necessary to choose the "print at home" option. For those that go with this option will have to carry the payment card used to purchase the ticket and must be named as the lead passenger on the ticket. Print your own tickets are nonrefundable and cannot be changed after booking.

Booking tickets online will be subject to a 1 booking fee and will be applied to all transactions, however, multiple trips booked with one transaction will only be charged £1.

Some tickets are subject to refunds and changes and some are not. Each ticket will be so noted. Changes and refunds are subject to a 10 per ticket charge.

Businesses have the ability to open a business account at thetrainline has travel management software in place to help businesses better track travel and keep a better handle on spending. Business accounts also have the ability to take advantage of 59 days of credit. Organizations that spend more than £200K per year on United Kingdom rail service will qualify for Corporate Account services. Such accounts are assigned an Account Manager and receive bespoke pricing on all travel. The Company has the option for onsite ticket printing and the ability to integrate leading online booking tools.

Transportation from rail stations can be booked in advance or at the time of arrival through Rail Line. The nearest car, from a pool of available car services, nearest your destination will be found and meet you and your party promptly at the station.

For travelers on multiday trips can reserve rail and hotels in one complete package. thetrainline also offers special travel days for most significant events and activities. Even if it's an evening at the theater, there is a package deal waiting just for you. If you are one to live on the spur of the moment, and like to plan your vacations and get a ways, thetrainline is the place to stop for train, hotel and event reservations.

thetrainline has everything a train traveler needs. Travelers have the ability to find the right tickets, book tickets for a special event and pay for it all in one, easy transaction. Train Line has made travel by rail easy and more efficient. It can save you money and help streamline your time away from home.