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Red Spotted Hanky

Red Spotted Hanky (RSH) provides the easy way to book train travel, hotels, car service and European rail transportation. Rail tickets for all train operations are available through Red Spotted Hanky, and sometimes at a great discount price. RSH does not charge a credit or debit card fee, except for the cost of the train ticket, and delivery of tickets are at no added cost except for next day delivery.

An added incentive to book through Red Spotted Hanky is Loyalty benefits. As soon as you purchase a train ticket, RSH opens a Loyalty account for you to earn points with each and every purchase. You will receive one loyalty point for every 1 spent and each point is worth 1 penny at the time of redemption. Points are credited to your account within 24 hours of purchase. Points can be applied to a future rail purchase or donated to the Railway Children's fund.

Red Spotted Hanky searches all available tickets according to your criteria and only reveals seats that are available. RSH searches all available routes to find the tickets that fit your budget and travel time frame. Tickets bought in advance will save a generous 51% over tickets bought on the day of departure.

There are different types of train tickets available, and there is sure to be one to fit almost any criteria.

Advance tickets are available as singles only and subject to discount the earlier they are purchased. There are only a certain number of tickets available for each trip so early purchase is suggested. However, it is still possible to buy Advance tickets up to a day before departure if they are available. For round trips, two single tickets will have to be purchased. Advance tickets are nonrefundable, but departure times can be changed.

Anytime tickets are exactly what the name suggests. They can be purchased anytime, allowing outbound travel without restriction, within five days of the date on the ticket. Anytime return tickets must be used within one calendar month of the outbound date. Seats can be reserved with Anytime tickets and reservations are strongly suggested when traveling during busy times.

Off Peak tickets are designed for traveling on trains during less busy times. They are available at generous discounts, but the time of use is restricted to certain trains and certain times of the day and usually only week days. Off Peak tickets can be purchased any time prior to departure, including the day of departure.

Season tickets are available for passengers who travel between two stations on a regular basis. A season ticket is less costly than purchasing individual tickets every day. This ticket is ideal for working people who travel to work at least 3 days per week. The tickets are valid seven days a week for the duration of the purchase period. Season tickets can be purchased for any time frame between one and 12 months.

PLUSBUS tickets are available to cover rail and bus service. They save the commuter time and money and are a convenient way to roll two transportation purchases into one. PLUSBUS season tickets are available in 170 cities and towns across Great Britain. PLUSBUS passes can be purchases in any time from one to 12 months.

Red Spotted Hanky also books hotel reservations for a great number of hotels around the world. Stays at hotels booked through RSH are subject to Loyalty points. RSH offers a hotel search option allowing customers to find hotel accommodations according to their travel criteria. Red Spotted Hanky sends travel details through Expedia and straight to the hotel of choice. Changes in reservations or cancellations are handled with the hotel.

RSH has teamed up with a car for hire specialist to provide car rental service at your train destination. You will earn double loyalty points when booking a car service through Red Spotted Hanky. Your car for hire will be waiting for when you disembark from the train and have the independence and freedom a car for hire will bring. Red Spotted Hanky provides the search engine to find the car that fits your criteria. Changes or cancellations in car reservation are done directly with the car for hire service.